Nice (For What) Soul Linedance

While practicing I decided to create a walkthrough for this linedance.  There are a few variations being taught; this is the one I really like.  The choreography is by Prince KB and the song is by Drake.  Once you walk through the line dance steps you will find its pretty easy.  Enjoy!   

Feels So Right (In the Line of Duty) Soul Linedance

Rehearsing makes me a better instructor. Working on an oldie but goodie linedance done to one of Janet’s R&B hits, Feels So Right.    Line dancing is about moving, feeling the music and doing you.  In my case, it even includes dancing around my Boxer who has decided to photobomb my practice video.   Practicing new and…

Move Your Body Linedance Video

When line dancing, keep in mind you can make any dance your own.  Check out these two variations of the same linedance – Move Your Body.  BTW this linedance reminds me a lot of roller skating back in the day, doing all these moves on 4 wheels.  🙂 li Now check out the modified version….

OOh, It’s a New Soul Linedance.

Every now and then my creative juices go to work and I come up with a line dance of my own 🙂  Shouts out to my R&B linedance class for trying out this new cool and easy linedance and allowing me to tape them.  The linedance is titled Ooh and the song is by Michon…