Everybody loves to dance but not everybody is comfortable dancing.  Line dancing changes all that. It’s the best way to learn how to dance while having fun.

It can save your life.

Besides learning how to move to the beat, line dancing  improves your balance, confidence, memory, is healthy for your heart and provides an outlet for reducing the daily stresses of life.


Get busy MOVING so you can keep on living!

We dance to music that gives rhythm and soul to your feet, getting you up and moving. Low impact and easy to follow, We have the BEST R&B Line Dance Classes on This Side of Town!

While you’re moving and grooving, you’re laughing, smiling, socializing, developing creative skills and improving your health just by having a good time.

We host a variety of line dance classes and encourage all levels of dancers to participate.  Our events are friendly and entertaining. You can’t go wrong attending our classes.

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If you love line dancing please spread the word :)