GC Soul Line Dance

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We Do Soul Line Dancing to R&B Music for Fun and Fitness

My why

Why I teach soul line dance.


I have never met a single person who didn't enjoy music. Get the right beat going, and toe-tapping, finger snapping and head nodding begin automatically.

You want to take it to wood (dance floor) but instead, stand against the wall or remain glued to the seat because you believe you can't dance. 


Once upon a time, I felt that way until I began dancing for the sole purpose of being active. The steps didn't matter and how I looked was less important.  As long as I was moving the rhythm found me and whenever I danced, I felt better about everything.


Music feeds the soul, it moves the feet, makes you forget about your troubles, stops the worrying and frees you from the daily stresses of life. 


I believe everyone has the ability to dance, and should dance. With encouragement and patience, I create an environment where people can be comfortable with their dancing and not worry about how they look. 


We need entertaining activities that help us enjoy life and feel good, which is a necessity for healthy living.  We can't live forever but soul line dancing and having fun may help you live a longer life.  This is WHY I TEACH


I look forward to dancing with you.


Class Locations

Classes are held at the park's community center. 

100 E Crogan St, Lawrenceville 30046  PH: 678.277.0890

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Classes are on held at the activity building.

788 Hillcrest Road, Lilburn  30047

PH: 678.277.0875

Lilburn Activity Building (LAB)

Rhodes Jordan Park

OneStop Centerville 

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Great Dancing 


Cool Music


Soul Line Dance Classes & Events.

2 Left Feet or 2 Right Feet, No Worries!

 We teach Grown Folks line dances that are Fun, Lively and Make Everyone Feel Amazing!

Centerville Library and Community Center. 

3025 Bethany Church Road, Snellville  30039

PH: 678.277.0228

Class dates and times vary, check our class calendar or contact the location directly


GCSLD is constantly evolving and growing. In addition to community classes, we provide entertainment instruction for private and corporate events. Our mission is to provide best solution that helps everyone. If you want to contact us, please fill the contact form with as much detail as possible and a representative will contact you.


Thank you!


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